Blogging Benghazi from a Bedroom in Belfast

On Saturday night, Feb 19, I got a Facebook message from a writer friend offering me the phone number of an activist in Benghazi who was witness to the protests and the progress of the revolution there. I phoned the guy myself and over the following nights recorded interviews with him about developments. On Monday night, for instance, he told me that he was recommending to protesters that they return the weapons they had captured from the army and trust the local commandos to protect them. Some were following this advice, others were holding onto the weapons, anxious that an army leader who had joined them the previous day now seemed to have disappeared.

I think these are important pieces of internet journalism and I hope they will provide raw material for a larger written piece on the difference between blogging and mainstream journalism. I have teased out some of the issues that arise, as I see them, in the article linked above, for the BBC College of Journalism.

Here are the four recordings I have made so far, the first being the one furthest down.

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